1. A little about myself. Who I am. And who I am striving to be.

    My name is Jenae M. Sweet. Isn’t my last name kind of cool. Sweet. Had a lot of jokes played on that name. “Boy Jenae. You are are SWEET!” “Your SWEET like candy”. It gets old. Haha. I am 18 years young. I’m starting collage VERY soon. And I am a little scared. Meeting new people. Finding where I am supposed to go for class. Its scary to think about. The future that is. I want to start though. I am 5’10 1/2 OR 5’11”. I do not like being tall. I mean, it has its up and downs. Like you can reach high places. Hit your head on a light. Wait that’s a down. I believe there is a lot of downs to being tall. I have really big feet. Wide and long. I’m on the bigger side. But I’m losing weight. It weird since I have been bigger all my life. 

    I have one sister. A mom and a dad. I love them all. My Sisters name is Jori. She got married in 2009 to the best brother-in-law Nate. I’m glade he got her in time. Jori is the best sister anyone could ask for. We fight, yes. But she looks out for me and encourages me to do my best. She has most defiantly had the most impact on my like. She works at a fancy salon in Portland, OR. Nate is an accountant. Smart Pants. My mom and dad are the best. they have there fights (loud ones), there ups and downs. But we all love each other. When it comes to the end of the day, I couldn’t ask for better parents.    

    My careers have changed over the year. When I was about 5 I told my parents I wanted to be a, Black Cow Clown Farmer. I loved Cows. I liked the rodeo clowns. I LOVED the black cows. And I thought owning a farm was the best thing ever. I grew up. And I realized that was not what I wanted to be. When I was in 5th grade I LOVED basketball. I was fantastic at it too. So I thought it would be cool to be in the WNBA. Than I got into snowboarding when I got into middle school and my freshman year of high school. I was good at that too. But I found it more as a hobby. Than I realized I loved photography. I loved looking through a lens and taking a picture of a perfect moment. I believe I am good. But I dont show it off like I should. So I have my mom do it for me. Shes good at it. Now I am a freshman in college. Photography is what I want to pursue. But I also love History. Hmm. Where should I go from here? :)

    I have had so many friends in my life. I have had friends in elementary school, that were not friends at all. Now that I think about it, elementary school had a lot of drama too. Middle school I met some pretty cool people. They got me through. I was in this program called Multi Age. Thats the place where kids that needed more help, got it. I liked it to be honest. I love getting extra help, because I have a hard time understanding somethings. i liked the projects that we did all the time. And I loved the over night field trips. Even though I cried on my first one. Haha. Eh… In middle school I met. Sarah Tipton. Hannah Smith. McKinzie Bugg. And Kati Delay. these stories are so complicated. Sarah and Kynzie are still my buds. Hannah Smith and I have grown close. But the only person that I care to explain about is Ms.Kati Delay. I met her in 3rd grade. At church. She scared the crap out of me with her big eyes. (She had glasses on that made her eyes look big) But we didn’t become good friends till middle school. We became really super close. We did just about everything together. Like when we went out without each other people would ask me “Hey wheres Kati?” Or people would ask her “hey! Wheres Jenae?”. We were close. Really close. In high school we were still close. but I didn’t feel like we were growing any closer. I felt like we got so close that it was time to grow apart. I started to get annoyed with her. And I know she felt the same. Its like everything changed. We never hung out. We had different friends. Friends that had stuff in common. We got in one big fight, and that ended it. There was a lot of hurtful words. I honestly chose to not remember what she said. It tore me up, what she said. It hurt. It really did. Going to church that night was hard, just because they talked about getting surprising texts. Not knowing what to do. It was hard. I will admit. But the thing was. I wasn’t ME when I was around HER. I changed myself so she would like me. Call me stupid because I was being stupid. But I realized to be me. I was being me. I dont know if she liked it or not. I was being mean. I realized it and I still do. I wasn’t being selfish or close minded. I saw were you were coming from. I looked at both sides. It was just irritating being around her. I tried so hard to not feel this way. But it couldn’t be helped. We aren’t friends anymore. And right now I am okay with it. I’m doing good. I believe this was for the best. In my mind. I dont know how things will go in the future. But right now. Its going good. But I will always have one friend. Or should I say my best friend. Who is like a Sister to me. Amber Lanier. Shes the BOMB! ! have known her since we were both 3 years old. We grew up together. We will always be best friends. Theres nothing more to say. Shes the best. I love her like a sister. Were gonna make a photography business together!!! :3. Shes moving soon though! :( Makes me sad. but the best friend relationship will not parish! we will be visiting a lot. Talking all the time. And I will help and bring her man (Deke Greer or as an old man calls him ‘Zeke’”) down with me. If I feel like it ;)

    I want to be a better person. I want people to stop trying to be other people. And just be themselves. I want to go around the world and help people in need. Take pictures of the beauty of the world. The beautiful animals. And the many different people. I want to do mission trips. Thats my goal right now. I want to live life how I want to live it. With the help and support of my family and friends of course!!!:3 

    The End:)